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Tea bags、CoffeeFiltersに関するQ&A

Tea bags

How are the tag and string attached to the tea bag?
All of the materials used are fused together without the use of adhesives or similar agents. Both the filters and tags are made with safe materials that are compliant with food product, additive and other standards.
Can coffee be extracted using a filter intended for tea?
Extraction is possible, but results in fine powder coming out. COFFEE MIRACRON is recommended for extracting coffee.
Explain the merits of Tetrahedral bags.
The voluminous space inside the bags allows the leaves inside to expand so that the flavor of the tea can be extracted to the last drop.
Are the tags and string included with Soilon tea bags also biodegradable?
Soilon tea bags with tags incorporate the same material as the filter (polylactic acid) in the laminate on the tags and in the string. As the tags are made of paper as well, they, along with the filter and string, are biodegradable.
Can tea be packed inside the tea bags by hand?
We also offer filters intended for filling by hand. Please contact us to receive a brochure by mail.
Can original printed tags be made?
We also produce tea bags that feature original tags. Please contact us for more information.

Drip bags

Are adhesive agents used as the adhesive for the hooks and filters on drip bags?
The materials that make up the hooks and filters on our drip bags are fused together using heat sealing, meaning that no adhesive agents are used whatsoever. Both these hooks and filters are made using safe materials that are compliant with food product, additive and other standards.

Pre-made bag

Do you offer a tea or stock bag that features a tag or string?
We do not offer any pre-made bags that incorporate a tag or string. Tea bags featuring tags are only supplied in rolls.
Do you have a Tetra-series tea or stock bag?
Pre-made bags can be fashioned into Tetra-type products based on how the opening side is closed.

Woven Mesh Filter

What is the difference between woven mesh filters and nonwoven mesh filters?
Woven mesh filters have a uniform opening and particularly strong extraction properties. Conversely, Nonwoven Fabric Filters are suitable for packing in fine basic ingredients, and also tend to be less expensive than woven mesh filters.
Do you have any woven mesh filters that can be heat-sealed?
Our TEALOAD SHARP 5100 product accommodates heat sealing.
How many years does it take for SOILON to degrade?
The speed of degradation varies largely depending on the temperature, moisture and PH level of the soil, as well as the types and number of microorganisms present. It is generally established that SOILON structurally breaks down between two and four years when in soil or water.
Why are three types of woven mesh filters -- SOILON, SHARP and TEALOAD -- available?
The raw materials of all three differ, as does their respective processing suitability using a filler. SOILON, which incorporates biomass material (polylactic acid) originating from plants, is biodegradable.

Nonwoven Fabric Filter

Are your nonwoven filers bleached?
The white coloring of our nonwoven fibers comes directly from the material themselves. No bleaching of the filters is conducted.
What kind of features does COFFEE MIRACRON have?
COFFEE MIRACRON boasts six times the fiber density of paper fibers, allowing it to trap the likes of fine coffee power and excess oil content that conventional paper and Nonwoven Fabric Filters are incapable of filtering.

Heat-sealing paper

Are your paper filters bleached?
Our paper filters are made using an ECF (Elemental Chlorine-Free) bleach pulp. ECF bleaching methods, which do not involve the use of chlorine gas, are environmentally-conscious means of bleaching that enable significant reductions in absorbable organic chlorinated compounds found in factory water discharge. Non-chlorinated, unbleached products are also available in our WTF series.


Can you process filling of the tea leaf?
We perform only the production and the sale of the filters.
We will introduce some companies that can fill tea leaf.
How much is the price of the filter?
It depends on the kind of the products.
When you let us know the kind and quantity of filled material and the shape of your product, we guide you with the most suitable product .
In what shape do you sell the filters?
We deliver our products usually in the shape of the roll.
We deliver our products usually in the shape of the roll.

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