As a manufacturer who supplies filters for beverage purposes, Yamanaka Industry considers user's safety and security to be of the highest priority.

At an early stage, we tackled the development of environmental circulation type filters for drinking use that are derived from plants, and were the first to introduce the world to "SOILON," which we created from a biomass material (polylactic acid) whose basic material is plant starch.


Environmental circulation of polylactic acid
Environmental circulation of polylactic acid
  1. Using plant starch as its base material, this product is manufactured through processes that include lactic acid fermentation and polymerization (for polylactic acid). The result is then rendered into fibers and woven together. Its uniform opening affords the product a superior level of permeability, making it perfect for tea bag filters used with tea leaves.
  2. No harmful matter is detected upon extraction using boiling water. Deemed to be compliant with food, additive and other standards under the Food Sanitation Act (No. 370).
  3. Upon burying SOILON in the ground, following hydrolysis, the matter is completely broken down by microorganisms, after which it is eventually turned into water and CO2 (materials cited). The speed of degradation varies largely depending on the temperature, moisture and PH level of the soil, as well as the types and number of microorganisms present.
  4. When burning SOILON,the harmful gas (dioxin etc.) is not generated. Also the generation of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) is less than usual plastic. (reference literature)
  5. Polylactic acid, the material used in SOILON, has reported to have bacteriostatic and mildew-proof properties.
  6. Plants, which are renewable, are used as the basic materials in SOILON, thereby helping to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. This aspect has enabled us to acquire "GreenPla" membership (No. 243).

What's GreenPla
コンポスト中での分解"GreenPla" is a registered trademark of the Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA), which is a N.P.O. engaging in study, research and development to promote commercialization of plastics which are made from non-petroleum resources, and are biodegraded. Yamanaka Industry Co., Ltd. is a member of the JBPA "Mark". For more details, please access the JBPA homepage.

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