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Pre-made bag

The possibilities for use are endless, allowing you to perform all kinds of extraction, from beverages to daily needs, and even to wrap fragrant materials.

Tea pouch

In the case of this type,you can enclose the contents by turning the open side with your hand.
Due to its portability, you can enjoy delicious tea anywhere, anytime.

Correspondence filter
  • TEAROAD Eight
Tea packets

Tetragonal bag sealed on three ends

All three ends of these tea bags are sealed, with the open end of the bag sealed after being filled up. This tea bag can be used in multiple ways depending on the filter applied.

Correspondence filter
  • TEAROAD Eight
  • TEAROAD アルファ
  • TEAROAD セブン
  • Coffee Miracron
Tetragonal bag sealed in three ends


Do you offer a tea or stock bag that features a tag or string?
We do not offer any pre-made bags that incorporate a tag or string. Tea bags featuring tags are only supplied in rolls.
Do you have a Tetra-series tea or stock bag?
Pre-made bags can be fashioned into Tetra-type products based on how the opening side is closed.

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