Application in Other Fields

Application in Other Fields

The products manufactured and distributed by Yamanaka Industry are primarily used in the fields of filters for beverage purposes and wrapping. However, considering our technology to be able to make products with customer's original specifications ,we are of the belief that our products can be utilized in other fields.

Bug-repellent nets Woven mesh filters
Filters for paints Woven mesh filters
Bags for containing antibacterial agents (for underwater use) Woven mesh filters
Bags for containing drying agents Woven mesh filters
Nets for washing Woven mesh filters
Foaming net Woven mesh filters
Fruit preservation bags Nonwoven filters
Bags for containing activated charcoal Nonwoven filters
Bags for containing incense COFFEE MIRACRON

Special Processing

Through applying special processing (welding/fusion-cut) to our textile products as represented by fabrics, nonwoven materials, knitted materials and film, these items can be rendered into separate products.

Weld processing: transforming an item into bag form without stitching.
Materials than can be processed Synthetic fabrics, nonwoven clothfabrics, thermoplastic materials, etc.
Primary uses Bags, other welded products, etc.
Slit (fusion-cut) processing: enables welding of the cutting section without stitching.
Materials than can be processed Fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, thermoplastic materials, materials partially consisting of natural materials, etc.
Primary uses: Tape, ribbons, blinds, other materials used in garments, etc.
Other processing: treating an item through combining welding and fusion-cut.
Primary uses Fruit bags, filters, air filters, liquid filters, makeup wipes, filters made of a combination of different materials, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding materials or processing.

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