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Heat-sealing paper

Heat-sealing paper represents a brand of filter created using an economical pulp base. Superior heat-sealing properties make this product suitable for decocting. Our lineup includes a non-chlorinated, unbleached type and a lattice-pattern type boasting high extraction efficiency.


TEAROAD ELPACK WTF is a paper filter having good heat seal property. Due to the strength loss after boiling is small,TEAROAD ELPACK WTF is suitable for boiling to obtain food stock. Products of a bleached type, non-bleached type, and a lattice patterned type with a high extraction efficiency are available.

Product number WTF-19.5,WTF-22,WTF-19.5Nonbleached,
WTF-22Nonbleached,WTF-19Lattice Patterned




Are your paper filters bleached?
Our paper filters are made using an ECF (Elemental Chlorine-Free) bleach pulp. ECF bleaching methods, which do not involve the use of chlorine gas, are environmentally-conscious means of bleaching that enable significant reductions in absorbable organic chlorinated compounds found in factory water discharge. Non-chlorinated, unbleached products are also available in our WTF series.

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