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Product Name Applicable Filter Standard Size
Coffee Miracron PUMPKIN coffee miracron W80mm × H90mm


Coffee Miracron Pumpkin

Bag can be placed on top of your mugs so the filter is not dipped into the strained coffee.
The large opening makes pouring hot water easy.


COFFEE MIRACRON is a high-functional filter made of ultra-fine fiber nonwoven fabrics.
It was developed especially to brew coffee, because these bags extract the true taste.

Simple Heat Sealer

Bag can be made easily with a heat sealer.
Recommended for those who’d initially just like to try out selling drip bags.
Suitable for making finished product in small quantities using a wide variety of ingredients.


  • Coffee Miracron X Roll type
  • Coffee Miracron PUMPKIN Roll type
  • Coffee Miracron X Empty type
  • Coffee Miracron PUMPKIN Empty type


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