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Product Name Applicable Filter Standard Size
(Roll width × pitch)
Coffee Miracron X coffee miracron 180mm × 70mm
180mm × 74mm
200mm × 80mm


Coffee Miracron X

Bag can be placed the middle of your cup. Simply spread open the holder and place it on your cup for a remarkably stable setup.


COFFEE MIRACRON is a high-functional filter made of ultra-fine fiber nonwoven fabrics.
It was developed especially to brew coffee, because these bags extract the true taste.

Filling machine

The packaging machine can pack a ground cofee bag with Nitrogen-filled in overwrap.
It can make a coffee taste keep fresh longer.


  • Coffee Miracron X Roll type
  • Coffee Miracron PUMPKIN Roll type
  • Coffee Miracron X Empty type
  • Coffee Miracron PUMPKIN Empty type


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